My name is Vanessa Pineda, and I am a 26 year old Salvadorian-American yoga instructor/massage therapist, and foodie enjoying life and ultimately trying to find a balance between worldly enjoyment and divine transcendence. With food, art, photography/video, travel, and yoga I combine everything I know to try and not only create but express myself wholesomely. I do so to show others that you can be perfectly aware of how short life is, and to be okay with it, while living up to your full potential, and to act out of love, not fear. Regardless of how fast life can pass us by, there is SO much life to live. There is an entire world to see, so much culture to just completely immerse yourself into. So why not go see it? Why not go live it? Why not do something about our dreams? The travel bug first bit me early spring of 2016, when I went to live in India for 3 months, where I not only became a yoga instructor but also had my eyes opened to a world totally outside my comfort zone, and no, it wasn’t just because I was in a third world country. Backpacking, itself, is something that takes you out of your comfort zone, entirely. There are trips that can make or break you, and it isn’t always glamorous. But hey, if you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing. That, i can promise you. Join me, as I share all the stories i have so far as a backpacker who is working her way to be able to say she’s got it down to a science. I say it humbly…..one day soon! I am doing this to hope to reach out and connect with other young travelers, no matter what level of expertise they have in traveling! I want nothing but to inspire others to perhaps visit places they never thought of visiting, vice versa! Send me suggestions, share your stories, send pictures and videos! Let’s share our affinity for anything wanderlust related. 

 **All of the photos on this blog are from my own personal stash of travel photos, any photo that isn’t mine will say so in a disclaimer.**