The Importance of Making Friends on Your Travels.

I’ve met ALL kinds of travelers on my trips, I’ve met these crazy, fun and outgoing thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and cool, down to earth people who love to read books and vibe to music. I’ve met travelers who refuse to talk to anyone they didn’t travel with, and I’ve seen lone wolves who travel and don’t talk to a soul, and that’s okay. Everyone is different and to each their own! I personally enjoy people watching and just observing, it’s kind of fun to see how one person can differ SO much from the next.

First and foremost, making friends is best for your own sanity, especially when you are traveling alone. I personally can share that although I am fully capable of traveling by myself, I have come to accept my preference is to travel with friends and loved ones. It’s just more enjoyable for me to have moments to share with others. It really adds depth to that memory and that’s really one of the few things I will ever have on this Earth. Although there is something quite empowering about traveling alone, you still make wonderful friends and memories on any journey, anyway. 

Your traveling buddies also make for some superb therapists and give great advice that’s pretty non-biased, in my opinion. I have a strong belief that when you travel, you are your true, vulnerable, naked and genuine self. Where ever you are on the globe, you are miles away from home, from people you know, and even the people who, let’s be honest, you are just kind of forced to interact with, on any level…you lose the need to make an impression on anyone, so you are being your true genuine self. All that being said, you are just plain brutally honest on your travels, and that causes you to be even better at venting AND giving advice. It’s just something that I’ve noticed is more true than not, and that everyone has been through something if not going through something and we all have a different outlook on life, so we all have a different message to put out there into the world. So let it be heard, share your stories, thoughts…even your fears, and see if you don’t receive something amazing in return.

Hahei, New Zealand (North Island) ^^^
From left to right, myself, Josh (UK), and Samantha (Scotland)…Rotorua, New Zealand. (North Island)

It’s a double-whammie when you happened to make amazing, lifelong friends, and they’re from another country, you now have another good excuse to travel to a another country for reunions and booze-filled catch-ups. So stay in touch with people you vibe with on your travels! Earlier this year I traveled to New Zealand for a couple months, and left with huge reasons to go to Scotland, Bali and Ireland….that reason being my new friends! I think there is something so special about the people you can actually travel with, because trust me, you just can’t travel with everyone. (I’m sorry but you cant.) It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you are into doing different things, for example, a person who likes to chill and relax on their travels, might not exactly do well with traveling with someone who is an active, adrenaline junkie, right?? And another huge upside to making friends in other countries is that you can possibly stay with those friends and save yourself some money on accommodation! Couch-surfing, quick and easy. (Maybe even show some appreciation for your lovely friends/hosts, bring them gifts, goodies and treats as a thank-you!)


You might meet people that will push you further out of your comfort zone, for the better. You might try something you never in a million years thought you might do, like caving and propelling down ropes while getting pummeled in the face by an ice cold waterfall, who knows……….

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand. (North Island)
You tend to get into crazier shenanigans when you’ve got partners in crime. You end up planning trips to other countries together. It’s a beautiful thing, especially if you’ve actually ventured through countries with your travel buddies (not just meeting them). I’ve had encounters with people who are awesome, but took a small DAY trip with them (I’ll say that again, folks….one day), let’s just say I knew I wouldn’t ever be able to travel with them abroad, like they said they wanted to do. And that’s just life, there are different types of travelers out there. So find your vibe and start planning more trips together!

Snow line, Triund, Himalayan Mountains (India)
You can end up meeting fascinating, talented people and learn something new, each time you travel…they have something to teach you, share with you, as you do with them. (It’s a great way to learn new languages!) So embrace that side of traveling, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

What kind of traveler are you?! Share your fondest memories!

One thought on “The Importance of Making Friends on Your Travels.

  1. Really very beautiful pictures with amazing writ up. traveling gives us new exprience new phases of life new friends, loved one any many more. and there are some of them which stay for forever in our memories…. very beautiful post .. keep sharing traveling moments and stay alive

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